Baro Family


I am so excited to share some images that are so so special to me. One of my favorite things about my job and in this whole world is connecting and building relationships with my clients, especially my families. There is just nothing better than building a friendship and watching their family grow and getting to be a part of that. Most of my family clients come back year after year, or with each new babe, and it makes the images so special.

I could go on and on about how incredible it is to have clients come back to me, but I want to talk about this cute family for a minute. We first met when they booked a family session last year, pictured below. About a month ago they just welcomed a cute new squishy chunk and I got to be there for every minute. Every emotion. I felt so overwhelmed with love and gratitude to be there not only as a photographer but as a friend. It makes the experiences so much richer for all of us when we have a relationship and trust. I know it sounds crazy but it 100% makes a difference in the images.

On a more personal note, it is incredible to me the opportunities and people this career brings into my life. I am so grateful for this family and their overwhelming love and influence in my life! This "job" is so much more than a "job" for me.  More times than not, I feel as though I'm the one that's gained something from doing what I do and my heart is just so so full about it. I could just scream! Or cry. Or both. Oh the emotions.

Hopefully you made it through that emotional gush fest... Sorry! Here are some of my favorite images with the Baro family. The first ones are of our first session together, about a year ago, and the rest are the recent Birth Story & Newborn sessions with their new sweet baby. See you again soon, Baros. 



Dayna Turnblom