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Do you live for cliff side hangs, beachy sunsets, and no-agenda adventures?

Guess what... me too. 


We only get one shot at this whole life thing, and what terrifies me the most is not seeing every inch of this big ol' spinning planet. There are so many amazing people, cultures, landscapes, and foods (duh) out there. What if we don't get to experience it all? I've always been kind of a nomad and go a little nuts if I don't have some kind of trip up ahead. 

So if you're sitting there nodding your head saying "me too! me too!!" this is for you. Below I've listed some places I'm dying to explore, and experience with you! So if you're game, I'm game to come for just the cost of travel. You heard me. No tricks. 

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Iceland \ Bali \ Santorini  Scotland \ Switzerland Spain \ Alaska \ Greece     Amsterdam \ Venice


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January - CA & OR

February - OR

April - NYC

May - CT

June - TX & OR

July - NJ

Oct - OR & Joshua Tree