You deserve unique & curated mentorship

Divine Feminine Guide

Psychic Mentor, Clarity, Empowerment, Embodiment, Channeling, Activations, Readings, Archetype Work, Shadow Work, Soul Purpose, Soul Mission

Galactic Shaman

Shamanic Healer, Energy Medicine, Journey Work, Soul Retrieval, Extractions, Past Lives, Soul Contracts, Akashic Records, Timelines, DNA Work, Grounding, Clearing, Cord Cutting, Star Family

Alignment Coach

Certified Mindset Facilitator, Vibrational Alignment, Transition through Integration, Visualizations, Trauma Mapping, Future Mapping, Tapping

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Intensives/Mentorship Discovery Call


Intensives and mentorship discovery calls via zoom. A time and space to feel into whether we would like to work together. Generally mentorship is a 3 month commitment. This gives us both a chance to confirm our energetic resonance prior to committing to working together for an extended period of time. Or read more about intensives/mentorships and sign up immediately below.

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Psychic Reading / Channeling


Include a combination of modalities including psychic reading, channeling, and card reading. Do not include work on the table such as Shamanic work, energy work, or crystal healing. Utilizing your motivations for scheduling, we open to all that your higher self, guides, ancestors, ascended masters, angels, and star family wish to bring in to assist you at this time.

(60 minutes)

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Galactic Shaman Session


These sessions offer a combination of modalities listed above including but not limited to energy work, Shamanic work, psychic reading, channeling, card reading, crystal healing, etc. Utilizing your motivations for scheduling, we open to all that your higher self, guides, ancestors, ascended masters, angels, and star family wish to bring in to assist you at this time.

(90 minutes)

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Sanctuary Session


Prerequisites: I need to know you or of you, you must be a referral, have had a previous session OR, be available for a phone interview prior to the Sanctuary Session. I reserve the right to refuse, cancel or reschedule the session for any reason at any time.

The Sanctuary Session is in your home clearing, reading, space setting, protection and blessing. This session is for you (the owner or leader of the home) and your home. Must be within 25 miles of Eagle Road and the Freeway intersection. These sessions will be no longer than 4 hours. You are required to inform me of who will be home during the session. You must be home for the session. I will not enter or be left alone in your home. Additional people in the home during the session may require additional fee.

Guiding you into your subconscious to uncover blocks and limitations that are keeping you from your heart’s desires and living the life your soul intended.

You deserve unique and curated mentorship.

Dear Soul,

How is your human experience?

We often hear how we are living through unprecedented times, which is true, AND I invite you to explore the reality that this is always the case. These last many years may have opened you up and shown you things you didn’t think possible, things you did and did not prefer. Your experiences may have left you shaken and wondering what the heck? They may have sent you seeking, willingly or not, for answers, for knowledge, truth, understanding, change, community, or love. You may know what you are seeking for and you may not. Maybe you are simply exhausted from the constant shifts and changes in your world. Maybe you are activated and inspired to dive deep into your journey and self-work. You likely have experienced some degree of spiritual awakening, have researched to the point of discovering all the miss and diss-information out there, have learned a few or many modalities and tools, but still aren’t quite where you want to be, or who you want to be. Your tolerance for the experience, whatever it is, has grown thin. You see the pushback and interference in your life whether major or minor, AND you are over settling, accepting disappointment, and believing this is just the way life is.

No matter where you are in your soul and human experience or your spiritual journey and evolution, there has never been a better time. There has never been a better time because now is the time you are here consciously as a soul in a human experience on this planet. Now is the time to be guided deeply into your subconscious to uncover the blocks and limitations keeping you from your heart’s desires and living the life your soul intended.





Creating a safe space for you to heal

Leading you into mind, body, spirit integration while helping you explore your soul potential through natural, alternative ways.

Intensives | Mentorships

I will walk through your fire with you, holding your hand every step of the way.

Self-love is the focus always and the more we prioritize that as our focus, the better life becomes. To fully embody self-love, it is imperative that we understand ourselves, our mind, and emotions to the core so we can have great compassion for ourselves and our life experiences to this point. This then helps us to understand others and navigate life in a way that is authentic to each of us as unique souls.

My intensives and mentorship are uniquely curated to you. Every client’s journey is different, and we will work together to tailor it to you as you are moving through life during our time together. The minimum commitment for these containers is three months. The container includes three in person or virtual sessions per month with the option of a fourth if desired. At least one session needs to be in person for direct energy work. We do three sessions per month because often clients require a week off for integration. This also includes direct access to me through the voice note platform of your choice like WhatsApp or Telegram. When this feature is utilized optimally by clients it means I am reading for you constantly via voice note. Anything that comes up for you during our time together (that you want a sounding board for or an alternative perspective on or emotions and thoughts you just need to process through), this is an all-access space for you to do so in. You basically have a psychic on call during the length of the container (with some parameters and boundaries).

There will be an intake evaluation and planning session we do together before we begin that is also included already in the cost. This initial session will take several hours and be the longest. Our other sessions will be kept to about 60-90 minutes.

You will be transformed on a deep level when you leave the container. The results you will experience include a deeper understanding of self on all levels through an unconditional and nonjudgmental space where you will be seen, heard, understood, and accepted fully. You will experience clarity on who you are now and where you want to go next. You will have new tools to navigate life confidently and authentically. You will not feel stuck any longer AND most importantly with this deep self-understanding and these new tools, you will be able to confidently access, integrate, and embody your higher-self no matter what you walk through in life moving forward.






Contact Me


Text: 208-860-7115

Location: Meridian, ID

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Divine Ethereal Beings

Clients Say It Best

If you’re like me, you might have had no idea what to expect going into a session with Dayna. I’ve known Dayna for a little over a year now, and known her to be an incredibly authentic, insightful, and caring person. I still didn’t totally understand what she did, or what was involved in her sessions and coaching, but I knew I wanted to experience it for myself. I finally had the chance to do that. We started out with a really powerful centering/grounding meditation. I am not a person who is super attuned to energy (yet) or a seasoned meditator (yet), but after doing this exercise with her, I could truly feel a shift in the shape of my energy, going from being spread waaaaay too thin on a hundred things, to vertical, centered, and untethered to everything else. It was WONDERFUL. It actually lasted on into the next day. Then, she and her Guides proceeded to deliver insights into the places in my life they wanted to note in some way. Some of these things were deeply profound, like the mentioning of “proud father energy” and something to do with a song. Dayna didn’t know it, but I’d just recorded myself singing for the very first time and planned to share it on social media. My dad died when I was 13, and he is a huge part of what I do in my business, and a huge part of my musical upbringing. So… that was wild and eerily spot-on. She and the Guides also gave me clarity in multiple ways—interpreting my concerns and energy and delivering the exact thing I needed to understand myself better and have confidence moving forward in my goals. I can’t claim to understand how Dayna does what she does, but I also don’t believe you need to understand how something works for it to be deeply valuable and rewarding. I’m so glad I had my session with her, and I’d love to hire her in the future for additional coaching and insights! I’d recommend you try a session with Dayna and see for yourself what she can do, and open yourself up to be pleasantly amazed.

~Kara Long

Thank you so much Dayna for our session yesterday. I came into it not really knowing too much about the Spiritual world, but very interested to find out more. I learnt a lot in our session, particularly around the make-up of our Team of Spiritual Guides and how the communication works between them and us, and vice versa. The session provided me with plenty of food for thought, and I found it really helpful to be able to watch the recording back afterwards and take notes, and research the key elements further. Dayna is knowledgeable and passionate about all things Spiritual, and was very calm, encouraging and centered throughout. She clearly has a gift, and it is amazing to witness her stepping into her power and sharing her gift with the world!


I had the most amazing session with Dayna. She really has a gift to share with the world. I received so much clarity and gratification it was nothing less than amazing. Dayna’s energy is like no other, I cannot stress enough if you are in a weird place and just don’t know what the next step is for you, book a session with her you will no doubt be amazed at what transpires.

I had no idea what to expect, the only words I can use to describe it is AMAZING, EXTRAORDINARY, and SOUL GRATIFYING!

I feel truly blessed to have crossed paths with Dayna just over a year ago and am so happy to not only have her as a mentor but a friend.

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥ I will never forget the amazing session we had!

~Sarah Vincent

I recently had a session with Dayna and was blown away by how quickly and accurately she tuned into me. Within moments, I felt like she was connected to my higher-self, where I was in direct communication through her. I was able to ask questions, gain clarifications, and get direction with issues I have been wrestling with for years. I'd highly recommend her to anyone who seeks greater awareness of themselves and their place in the world.

~Dan Pickel, Mind Matters

I hadn’t met Dayna before and I came into this reading after a really rough day. Dayna picked up on my energy and was able to help me ground and get centered within minutes.

I chose not to give Dayna any information about what was going on in my life at the moment and I was amazed at how accurately she described my situation from an energetic point of view. Getting this perspective without the daily life clutter attached to it helped me see the bigger picture and understand what is really going on. Thank you, Dayna, for your time and energy and the gift you offer to the world!


Hello Dayna, I want to thank you so much for the reading session we had a couple of days ago! It has been an amazing experience. Not just that I have got new insights and new information, I could feel in my body the truth of everything you were saying, which made this reading a real experience for me. You could answer all my questions and you gave me tangible action steps I can take to move forward. I really have to say, that this experience has been one of the few moments in my life where I could feel the connection to source energy on such a deep level. In the end the tears were running down my face, because I was so filled with love and peace and trust. And this feeling continues. I am more settled. I trust more. I feel more supported. Thank you so much for your gifts and for your ability to guide me through this experience!

~Simone Krauch

I met with Dayna on the 5/5 eclipse, and it was a magical and powerful experience. I was a little skeptical at first because I struggle with technology and thought it would be difficult to connect with someone energetically long distance. I was definitely wrong. We connected easily on several different levels. My energy flowed smoothly for the first time in a while, and I continued feeling great for several days after as well. Meeting with Dayna was the catalyst I needed to help me start a new chapter of my life. She made me feel very comfortable and gave me much needed advice and direction to help me continue my spiritual journey. I highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for a kind and beautiful soul to help connect them even more to themselves and spirit. Thank you so much Dayna!


First of all thank you so much for the opportunity and your gifts during the session. You opened up a new space for me to breathe. It wasn't what I expected at all. I came in thinking that it would be informational and I didn't expect to be able to enter a deeper space and understanding so quickly. You gave me tools that I can take with me and use easily to give me peace of mind and that is truly amazing. It helped me feel much better where I had felt closed and stuck beforehand. You were so generous with your time and knowledge, I am very grateful. I look forward to speaking with you again in the future.


This experience was so incredible for me. From the Facebook post about this opportunity to meet Dayna and dive deeper into this spiritual realm. I went into it with an open mind and came out of it blown away. She tapped into my spiritual guides and helped unite and pave a way that gave me direction and hope. I will absolutely have to do this again with her and have already told so many people about this experience. So appreciate that she took the time to do this for me and see where it will take me in the future.


Dayna is spot on reading energy! As a master energy healer, teacher and reader, I can attest to her skill. I have experienced few people who have this much clarity and neutrality in reading. She’s worth her weight in gold!

~Cathie Marie

Dayna is a gem! I had the pleasure of having a session with Dayna and she picked up on things energetically that I didn’t realize about myself and the moment that I am in. She kindly and professionally advised me and helped me see things that I just didn’t see. I highly recommend her services!

~Heather G